MegaCera is a minority-owned small business with a global reach. Founded by a father and son as Main Join in Hong Kong in the 70's, the company became MegaCera in 2002, and has 40 years of experience in tilemaking and global distribution. 


Main Join was founded in Hong Kong, supplying floor and wall coverings as well as lumber to construction companies in Asia.


Main Join became MegaCera.


MegaCera partnered with the former Laufen CEO to form MegaCera USA. The joint venture's high-value offerings convinced the US market to open its door to Chinese tiles.


MegaCera USA closed with the retirement of its US partner. MegaCera continued to supply tiles to North American customers from its Hong Kong office.


With increasing political turmoil, MegaCera faced challenges continuing to do business.


MegaCera in its current form was established in the US.